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 Versículo del Día


"And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church,

And the gates of Hades will not overcome it.

Matthew 16:18 NIV






Hispanic Ministry in Atlanta, GA


The first congregation in Atlanta was established at the Chestnut Dr. Church of Christ, in Doraville, Georgia, in November of 1987.  Two couples, Eddie and Latife Lett, and Rex and Lindy Butner had a vision to begin this work.  The elders of the Chestnut Drive congregation graciously agreed to share their building  and help in the start of this new Hispanic endeavor.  Sabino Rodriguez, from Texas, was hired as the first Hispanic minister to start the congregation.  Within the first three years, the Hispanic congregation grew to about twenty five membership.  Due to unforeseen problems, the membership declined early in the 1990s.


In August of 1990, Geoff Giesemann was brought in to work as the new Spanish minister.   At his first worship service attended eight people (the total included his family).  With Giesemann’s zeal for the gospel, the Hispanic congregation grew in the years to come. 








In 1994, Nelson Galarraga, originally from Venezuela, became the third minister for the Chestnut Dr. Iglesia de Cristo.  Joining evangelistic efforts, both Nelson and Geoff worked together to help the congregation grow at an amazing rate.  Several members were driving from faraway places to worship at the only Spanish Iglesia de Cristo in Atlanta.   This gave the Iglesia de Cristo visionaries the idea to advance the Gospel in the Atlanta area and establish other Hispanic congregations.    During these missionary times, Geoff and Nelson fervently preached the gospel on Sunday evenings.  Their hard work paid off and several congregations were begun.


The first congregation to be begun was in Gainesville in 1997 (located about 42 miles to the north of Atlanta).  Rafael Uzcategui, from Venezuela, was hired to be the first minister.  Today, Jose Pinzon is the currently minister at the Atlanta Road Iglesia de Cristo.


In 1999, the second sister congregation, established by the Chestnut Dr. Iglesia de Cristo was in South Cobb (located about 30 miles west of ATL).  Nelson Galarraga left the Chestnut Dr. and moved to continue this work.  Since then, Galarraga, has planted two other congregation in Smyrna and Marietta.  This missionary effort was done mainly by the South Cobb brethren.


During this time, another congregation was established south of ATL.  The Chestnut Dr. and the Inner City Ministry, joined forces and established a work at the East Point Church of Christ.  Alfred Donald, concerned with the unsaved Hispanics in downtown ATL, had a burning desire to reach the Hispanic people.  Alfred and the Chestnut Dr. congregation requested the assistance of the Lipscomb University students and held several gospel meetings.  In 2000, Edison Quevedo, native of Venezuela, came and was hired as a full time minister.


In march of 2001, the Woodstock Iglesia de Cristo was born.  Rafael Uzcategui and other Gainsville members were traveling to Woodstock on sunday evenings to begin this work.  Presently, Rafael Uzcategui is the full time minister at the Woodstock Iglesia de Cristo.


In 2002, another Spanish congregation was begun at the Campus Church of Christ.  Edison Quevedo is currently their minister. 


In 2004, the sixth Hispanic congregation was planted at the Central Church of Christ in Smyrna, GA.  This congregation was too, the missionary vision of the South Cobb brethren.  They were meeting in Smyrna on Sunday afternoons and holding evening services.


In 2006, The South Cobb brethren also established another congregation at the East Cobb Church of Christ in Marrietta, Ga.  Presently, South Cobb, East Cobb, and the Marietta Spanish congregations have merged together in Smyrna, GA.


In November of 2008, the Buford Iglesia de Cristo was begun by Juan Garcia and several families from Chestnut Dr.  Brother Garcia is native of Mexico.  Prior to Buford, Juan was the Spanish Minister at the Chestnut Dr. Iglesia de Cristo (2005-2008).


Today, besides de Spanish Congregations already mentioned, there are other Spanish speaking members scattered among the English congregations in the Atlanta area.  Instead of starting a Hispanic Congregation for the Spanish speaking brethren, the Anglo church of Christ instead developed a ministry within their building to accommodate their spiritual needs. 


By Nelson Galarraga